Aircraft Charter

Merimbula Air Services


Aircraft Seats Rate Per Flight Hour
Incl Pilot AUD$ Incl GST
Cessna 150 Aerobat 2 N/A
Grumman Tiger AA5-B 4 N/A
Cessna 172 4 450
Cessna 172RG Cutlass 4 500
Piper Arrow 4 475
Cherokee Six 6 575
Cessna 206 6 575
Cessna 337
(airwork only)
6 750

Fuel surcharges may apply from time to time.

Waiting Time

First 4 hours are free, then $50 per hour with a maximum charge of $200 per day.

Expenses arising from overnight stays (eg pilot’s accommodation and meals) are to be paid by the customer.

Turbine and Jet Aircraft

Twin engine turbine aircraft and jet aircraft are available for charter by prior arrangement.