Aerial Work


Merimbula Air Services offers the following aerial work services:

  • Land & Sea Searches
  • Fish Spotting
  • Fire Spotting
  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Survey

Aircraft features

Land and sea searches are conducted utilising the Cessna 337 Type Aircraft.

We operate this type of aircraft extensively on fish and fire spotting operations together with any searching operations that are required of us.

You will note from the photographs that the Cessna 337 is an excellent viewing platform, having a high wing that is behind the pilot and spotter combined with a retractable under carriage. It is also complimented by the fact that you do not have engine nacelles on each wing that restrict the view of the pilot and spotter. The Cessna 337 also has the advantage of no asymmetric effects with engine failures due to the centre line thrust design feature.


Our rates as of October 2018 are $750 per hour. Any landing airways or parking fees are additional to these charges. The rate also includes the pilot, but excludes any away accommodation and meals which are charged to the customer.

Ferry fees would be negated for customers who utilise the aircraft for hours in excess of 35 hours per month.

There are no additional fees charged to the customer due to not being able to fly because of bad weather or any unforseen delays.

Please note: All prices include GST